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Parthenope ™ is a 3 transistors fuzz based on old Italian made circuits featuring 3 SFT352 transistors from 1963 accurately selected with the Q3 switchable between and sft352 germanium and a ASY37 1974 URSS PNP silicon transistor.
The Russian germanium diode prevent leakeage and bias shifting (it has also a trimpot for let you choose your own bias). It is true bypass and can be powered with a -9vdc adapter or with a battery.
The effect has all components from 70s and an hand made PCB old style made by our friend Don Poniz.
The tone and sound of this fuzz box is unique!

Parthenope has been made in small numbers due to the fact that no many SFT352 are available.

The enclosure has laser engraved graphic on the top of a metal plate made by Kamila Argenziano. Design is inspired by the history of mythological Parthenope connected with birth of Italian city - Naples.

Hand made by Argenziano Effetti with love and passion for recreate that 60s-70s rock tone that made the history of Rock'n'Roll.


You can find videos of Parthenope on our page!

For any info just get in contact ;)



Argenziano Effetti PARTHENOPE ™ Fuzz

SKU: AE009
Out of Stock
  • Due to high volume of requests expectation time for the pedal to be built is up to 45 days.

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