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Gypsy-Vibe is a long story, which has its begining somewhere in 2019.

I always wanted to replicate that magic 60s vibe tone and I knew that is was not an easy task, espacially because we wanted to create a vibe with a look as vintage as possible.


Kamila started to take care of a 3D project of an enclosure and I took care of electronic parts.

At the the end we had a unit that looked and sounded just as it should.


Handmade vibe pedal built with high quality parts precisely selected one by one. A DREAM!

We have made two versions of it – 230V and 115V.


The expression pedal feature an original Matsushita cancel switch with his revised vintage look.


Whole set includes:


·        GYPSY-VIBE Main Unit

·        Foot Controller

·        Alluminium Case

gypsy logo.png
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