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Argenziano Effetti

was created in 2017 in UK - Melton Mowbray simply from need to reach tone that will send anyone's heads to warm, full and "round" vintage sound of 60's.

At first it was all about finding a way to plug wah before fuzz and have it sound properly, but then it went much further...

That's why today you can enjoy our Voodoo 67 Fuzz , Texas Soul Overdrive, Blue Dope Delay, Parthenope Fuzz, MKF Overdrive, modifications of Vox V847 Wah and Crybaby, amplifier repairs, and since 2021 our cherry on the cake GYPSY-VIBE!

Don't worry, we won't stop here!

We are a small family business based in Europe - Poland, made of team of two passionate people.


{born and raised in Italy - Naples. LIFE-LONG guitarist , seriously he started to play when he was 4! Creator of all guts of our effects with great skills in electronics, musician with international experience and vintage tone lover.}


{born and raised in Poland - Gliwice. Since 2013 graduated product designer, so obviously the person responsible for all enclosure and graphis design, photography lover, crazy about design of 60's.}

That mix of two of us and being inspired by gratest musicians and bands of all times like - Jimi Hendrix, Cream , Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, ZZ Top (and more!) is what you can find in our work.

Handmade, high quality effect pedals, both inside and outside - that's our life goal!

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