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Argenziano Effetti Gypsy-Vibe Purple Sparkle.


They mount 2 different pair of original silonex ldrs and each ldr is selected for serve the purpose as it should.

Each stage of the vibe is tweaked for balance throb and High frequencies alternating themselves and creating a circular sound that impressed me so much!

Here there is no 3d mod or any useless thing that makes people crazy with trimmers or knobs…. Just a selection of components and values for each stage of the effect as never seen before.



230V or 115V


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  • Please note, we are not taking any responsibility for your product after handling it to postage provider. All parcels are always insured unless you have chosen different way of shipping. We are not providing any refunds if the product was demaged during delivery. We are going to help you to file a claim to the shipping provider.

    After you will receive a tracking number of your shipping :

    1. Make sure that on the day of delivery somone will be present at delivery address to sign collection of the parcel.

    2. If you see that box is demaged or wet :

    • take 3 photos of the box with visible tracking number
    • take 7 photos of items inside
    • send to us all photos :


    By completing this order you agree to our terms & conditions .

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