While ago I’ve been spending many bucks for guitar effects,but anytime there was something wrong with them.

Sounds were not as described or it required modifications for work with other effects.

Everything started with a Vox Wah which I wanted to plug before a Fuzz Face like the Great Hendrix or Clapton in White Room were doing ... but you know what?!! IT DOESN’T SOUND RIGHT IF YOU DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT THING!!!!

After checking everything around I found out that a new wah pedal needs a buffer in the output stage and that many components in the modern wah are not the same as a vintage wah made in Italy.


The same it’s with Fuzz!!! Today there is a big business around these devices but no one seems to explain,

that an original Fuzz in the 60’s was made with different transistors which today are impossible to find.


And even if you will, you must make a device which is going to sound right without loosing your tone.

I know what does it mean to have a super mega tube amplifier with a tone that you would like to improve

but not change!!!

So I’ve started to build prototypes, modify my effects for many months and afterwards trying to find and select  the right components.

In the end I had a chain of effects which sounds great and I wanted so much to share that great vintage tone!!!


And here we are.... I’ve started to build and modify effects for friends and many other guitarists that want to 

have a device with vintage tone without spending hundreds and hundreds of bucks.

But of course, I am not a big business, I’m a musician like you who build these pedals just on request but often they are available in stock (small quantity). For any info do not hesitate to contact me.

All my pedals are like my children, and because I love them very much I’m offering a life service if needed.

They are made for make you happy!!! And if you gonna have some problem with them (even in 20 years),just send them to me and I’ll make sure you gonna have the best service for free!


Francesco Argenziano

Argenziano Effetti

Voodoo 67 NKT 275

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